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2010.04.23 - NCM: Day 3

  • Monica Perez - TMS proximal and distal muscles are coactivated
  • Marco Davare - Understanding cortic-cortical interactions
    • PMv and M1 interact during precision grip only
    • Stroke should not be interpreted just as a loss of functional tissue but also as a loss of connectivity
  • Giacomo Koch - Posterior parietal and primary motor cortex
  • Celnik - Cerebellar and primary motor cortex interactions
    • Locomotor adaptation and the role of cerebellar depression
    • Cerebellum is used for acquisition but not for retention
  • Charles Schroeder - Brain oscillations
  • Jonathan Wolpaw - Sensorimotor cortical rhythms
    • Coherence between beta waves and EMG (24 Hz)
    • Using SIGFRID to decode gamma rhythms
  • Gary Paige - Oscillations what are they?
  • Joseph Galea - Disassociating the role of the cerebellum and M1 during adaptive learning
    • Motor cortex retains what the Cerebellum learns
  • Dinant Kistemaker - CNS minimization of energy cost in reaching movements does not occur in a novel force field
    • If you point out the "easy way" to people they recognize the energy efficient path and acknowledge that it is much "easier", maybe this is a cognitive problem.
  • Kunlin Wei (Kording) - Neuromodulators as transmitters of gain
    • Strong force with one muscle should cause variability in another muscle
    • If one force goes away it should effect the remaining force
    • Maximal contraction of arms will change the knee reflex magnitude
  • Ben-Gurion - Handshake turing test
  • Wei-Wu - Coupling time decoding and trajectory decoding with a target included model in the motor cortex
    • Using both time and trajectory information you can more accurately decode neural information
  • Ben Huh (Todorov) - Infinite horizon optimal control for bio motor control