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2010.03.03 - Jonathan Kuniholm - Prosthetics

The Bionic Man the Still Unkept Promis of Prosthetic Arms and Proposed Solutions
- Jonathan Kuniholm

  • Bionic arms have a long way to go
    • Media has a bias towards the fantastic
    • There are only about 70,000 amputees in the US, so very small market
    • Very little funding for upper limb prosthetics
      • Funding is not well organized for prosthetics
        • Deka got 25 million for their arm
    • Tang, velcro, teflon did not come from the space program
  • What can we do to make bionic arms?
    • Borrow from larger industries
    • Go open source
    • More collaboration
    • Create open architecture standard
    • Open source EMG board