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2010.02.19 - Eb Fetz - Applications of recurrent brain computer interfaces

  • Brain adapts to control of external devices
    • metaphor for self controlling body
  • Capable of independent control of neighboring neurons
    • both increase and decrease firing rate
  • Capable of isolating motor cortex cell from muscles (bidirectional)
  • DC, frequency, single units are being used for brain computer interfaces
  • Quickest learning seems to be in distal muscles of motor cortex
  • Why does BCI suck?
    • Complex transforms of multi-unit activity may complicate the control
    • Independent control is impossible due to ensemble interactions
    • Lack of proprioception may create ataxic effect
    • Not enough time to learn patterns
  • In free behaviors muscles are coactivated
  • Brain is highly plastic don't have to pick anatomic locations
  • Operant conditioning using BCI and other input signals