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2010.01.15 - Benjamin Kuipers - How can a robot learn knowledge?

  • Goal of AI: mathematical model of mind
  • Successful AI: foundations of knowledge must be learned
  • Syntactic AI has problems - Chinese Room by John Searle
    • But computation by nature is syntactic
  • Constructivist AI: constructs its own internal knowledge
    • We're OK to assemble our own delusion as long as it corresponds to the real world, otherwise we die.
  • To accomplish constructivist AI we do bootstrap learning:
    • Body space
    • Local spatial model
    • Objects and actions
    • Goals, beliefs and plans
    • Other "agents"
  • We can use the idea of distinctive states to help here:
    • Get in the general vicinity of the goal and then refine
  • Example of constructivist learning:
    • Estimate similarities between random sensory input
    • Learn organization of sensory information
      • First an ego-centric view
      • Then a world-view
    • Learn objects
      • These are discrepancies (mutable things) in the world view
    • Learn actions
  • A true AI would be able to do the above example with all of the above rules running in parallel.