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12.10.2009 - Natalia Toporikova and Garret Stanley

Natalia Toporikova - Mathematical Model of Respiratory Neural Control
  • Inspiration <= muscles act
  • Expiration <= passive relaxation
  • Respiration occurs in a single slice of the brain-stem
  • Even with synapses blocked some neurons still fire periodically
    • Some because of persistent Na+
    • Some because of persistent Ca++
  • Glutamatergic excitation causes Ca++ wave from dendrite to soma
  • Oscillation in Ca++ levels comes from shifting of calcium from ER->cytosol->ER and ER shows up in dendrites that are spiny.
Garret Stanley - Building Cortical Representations
  • Individual neurons synchronize on the order of 10 ms
  • Phase relationships between thalamic neuron firing gives rise to direction sensitivity of edges in visual cortex
  • Use noise to sharpen perceptive fields