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10.09.2009 - Steve Potter at Emory

  • Big questions
    • What is thought?
    • What is memory?
    • What is learning?
  • The brain can be divided up into two types of structures
    • Classifier / attractor
    • Discriminator / repeller
  • Technologies
    • Using MEAs to combine technology with cultured neurons
  • Bursts within MEAs are considered to be attractors
  • Changes observed within the MEA that appear to be a result of non-synaptic plasticity
  • STDP - spike timing dependent plasticity is considered important for changing synaptic weights.
    • Each neuron is considered to have a memory
  • Stimulating MEAs on multiple electrodes has been shown to quiet entire culture
    • Possible non-drug treatment of epilepsy (John Rolston)
  • Desire to show goal directed learning (Bakkum Chao)
    • For that experiment I am still suspect of the methods
    • Even if things work how do you control for the possibility that you are not "teaching" the network, merely "learning" the network?
  • Questions
    • If you mess with the metabolism of the cells does that affect their learning?
    • Have you tried "networking" the individual networks of cells?