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September 28, 2009

  • Seyed's concert is on Sunday.
    • Scream and yell!
  • Lena is leaving on Wednesday to give a talk for a Post-doc fellowship.
    • Wednesday-Friday (Sep 30 - Oct 4)
    • Tuesday (Oct 13)

  • People use muscle synergies during walking that are different than standing and when they encounter a perturbation the synergy they use depends on the speed of walking and when perturbation occurs.
    • Observations are from stance leg.
  • Muscle synergies are linked to particular components of CoM kinematics.
    • I need to talk to him about this.  I don't believe it at the moment.
  • The nervous system simplifies sensory inflow when mapping motor output.
    • Important to talk about sensorimotor mapping.