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October 12, 2009

  • No lab meeting next week (10/19)
  • Check on flights to Banff 11/8-15 (Sunday to Sunday)
    • Skiing?
  • Look at chapter for Stacey/Lena about PCA/NMF
  • SfN meeting - posters on Saturday, motor meeting on Friday.
Lucas' Presentation
  • Does the nervous system reduce the dimension of sensory information?
  • Use cats to test this question
    • 2D stimulus
    • Sensory input dimension is assumed large due to many joints perturbed
    • We can separate sensory response, emg response and mechanical response due to the delays in the system
    • Joint angles are projected to sagittal and transverse plane
    • Doing PCA on the covariance was bad because...this emphasizes fitting data to noise
    • Doing PCA on the correlation was good because...only used variables that reconstruct non-noisy values
  • Results
    • Platform perturbation results in a higher dimensional perturbation
    • Dimension is higher in disturbance than in response