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November 23, 2009

  • Seyed updates the end-note library on Friday
    • Papers to be added should be named: Author_Date
  • Wednesday there is an Applied Phys seminar at noon
  • Error on work-bench
  • New conference calender
  • SfN membership is coming due
  • Camera
Show-and-tell / Lit-blitz
  • Jeff
    • Johnson & Murphey - Scalable Variational Integrators for Constrained
      Mechanical Systems in Generalized Coordinates
      • Finite difference representation of Lagrangian equations
      • Numerically removes problems with "energy drift"
    • Linearization of four-bar linkage: Ankle-angle to CoM position
      • Objective
        • Determine equivalence to Ting-Lockhart pendulum model
      • Rationale
        • Want to be able to use the inverted-pendulum model
      • Method
        • Linearization of the geometry relating Ankle angle to CoM excursion
      • Main Result
        • The height of the CoM of the 4-bar changes with stance-width and can be used as the equivalent height for the inverted pendulum
  • Julia
    • Moment of inertia seems to go down with increased stance-width
    • McLean and Fetcho - two different types of neurons associated with fast and slow walking
  • Seyed
    • A paper about Tai-Chi that gives a possible paradigm for giving a novel task for the subjects
  • Stacie
    • Grellner (2008) - Brain Research Reviews
    • Bifunctional muscles may be the "correctors" for gait, while the uni-functional muscles are the clock keeper muscles regulated by the CPGs.
  • Shalv
    • Yu and Schnieder - Juxtaposition hypothesis - try and determine what happens if you do two tasks at the same time.
  • Vajiya
    • They need feedback in order to maintain the UCM