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Robot Videos

Big Dog - A pretty rocking quadruped.
Petman - Probably the coolest biped currently.
Skiing Robot - A robot that skiis!
Blob bot - An iRobot slug bot
Mabel - A biped from Michigan
Starfish - An evolutionary robot that learns its own dynamics
Salamander - A nifty salamander robot that walks and swims using the same control.
Stickybot - Climbing gecko from Cutkosky's lab
Ant-roach - Inflatable robot from Saul Grifith's Otherlab

HULC - Military grade exoskeleton developed by Berkeley Bionics.
HAL - Built for assistive purposes by Japanese Cyberdyne.
XOS 2 - Built by raytheon to beat up bad guys.

Eureqa - Symbolic regression tool

Compliant robotics work:
Luis Sentis - Doing a lot of "compliant" robotic postural control (from Khatib's lab)